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Block Enhancements – Add practical features to Gutenberg blocks

Block Enhancements – Add practical features to Gutenberg blocks


Enhance Gutenberg blocks with practical features such as icons, color, shadow, transform, transition, responsive typography, responsive text alignment, hover style, etc.
Unlike other similar plugins, this plugin is fast, lightweight and clean. It only loads what you need. You can choose which features to apply to specific blocks through the settings page.

It works with all themes, however, the with-icon feature uses the CSS pseudo ::before to add icons with the mask-image CSS property. It may conflict with other plugins or themes that use the same technique.

Key Features

  • Add an icon to button, heading, list, list item, navigation, etc. from a library with more than 3000 icons, or upload your custom SVG image.
  • Add box-shadow
  • Add text-shadow
  • Add 2D transform (translate, rotate, skew, scale)
  • Add hover state style for shadow, transform, text-color, background-color
  • Add responsive text alignment. It’s useful for ‘container’ blocks such as ‘core/group’, ‘core/columns’, ‘core/column’ and/or you want for example text-align center on mobile but text-align left on the desktop
  • Add transition
  • Add responsive font size, font weight, line height, and letter spacing based on media queries

☐ More features will be added soon.

Video tutorials

How to customize a core button in Gutenberg:

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The plugin is developed using @wordpress/scripts.


  • Add an icon to a heading

  • Add an icon to a list

  • Add an icon to a button

  • Add responsive settings for font size, line height, font weight, and letter spacing

  • Add responsive text alignment to a group

  • Add text shadow to a group

  • Add box shadow with hover style to a group

  • Add color with hover style to a group

  • Add transform with hover style to a group

  • Add a feature to blocks

  • Add an icon to categories


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/block-enhancements directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


What problem does this plugin solve?

It adds more features to make core blocks fit more real-world use cases.

When should we use this plugin?

When you want more advanced features on core blocks, but don’t want any third-party blocks from a heavy block library.

Why do you need this plugin?

It’s super easy to use and lightweight. It only loads what you need.

Who needs this plugin?

Anyone can use this plugin.

Why does the text of the block break when I add an icon to it?

It is probably because you added an inline element such as bold, italic, highlight, etc. in the text. To fix it, there is a toggle setting named ‘Don’t wrap text across lines.’ in the ‘With icon’ panel. Just turn it on to make the text work properly.


May 6, 2024 1 reply
This plugin extends Gutenberg blocks in the most organic way! No bloatware, no heavy dependencies, just adds the missing features to the existing Gutenberg blocks using the existing UI. One of my favorite Gutenberg plugins to date!
April 23, 2023 1 reply
Only compatible with FSE themes. This should be noted in the plugin’s description.
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Contributors & Developers

“Block Enhancements – Add practical features to Gutenberg blocks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 18 June 2024

  • Fixed – Dirty state when wrapping text is enabled on buttons with icon
  • Fixed – Buttons in a navigation with icon
  • Improved – Make the selector of the navigation item more specific than the submenu’s


Release Date – 17 June 2024

  • Added – Support the with-icon feature on core/list-item, core/navigation-link, core/navigation, core/navigation-submenu
  • Fixed – Style issues on the color dropdown control and vertical spacings
  • Improved – Get responsive settings from CBB


Release Date – 06 May 2024

  • Fixed – The custom gap between the icon and the text on buttons not working


Release Date – 28 April 2024

  • Updated – Icon Library
  • Removed – Upload SVGs to the media library


Release Date – 31 March 2024

  • Fixed – When front-end forms are submitted to admin-post.php, nopriv users are redirected to the login page.
  • Refactor – Get/set device preview


Release Date – 13 January 2024

  • Added – Responsive settings for font size, line height, font weight, and letter spacing
  • Added – Allow uploading SVG files and load them into the icon library
  • Updated – Increase ‘Requires at least’ to 6.3
  • Updated – Update SDK


Release Date – 05 January 2024

  • Fixed – Issue: the nested button blocks get the style from their parent block


Release Date – 27 September 2023

  • Updated – Allow adding style on multiple selected blocks
  • Updated – Remove deprecated warning


Release Date – 11 September 2023

  • DEV – Only core lists can have icons for nested lists.


Release Date – 09 September 2023

  • DEV – Support with-icon for nested list of list blocks
  • DEV – Update “Requires at least 6.2” for using the new HTML API


Release Date – 26 August 2023

  • DEV – Support prefers-reduced-motion


Release Date – 13 August 2023

  • FIX – The custom styles have not been loaded in classic themes


Release Date – 08 August 2023

  • DEV – Redesign the setting page
  • DEV – Add feature classes to all dynamic blocks
  • DEV – Add icon to core/categories, core/latest-posts, core/post-title, core/query-title, core/comment-title


Release Date – 14 June 2023

  • DEV – Add custom shadow presets
  • DEV – Using ToolsPanel instead of PanelBody for more clean UI


Release Date – 17 May 2023

  • DEV – Add preset shadows to the with-shadow feature


Release Date – 08 April 2023

  • DEV – Move all settings to the styles tab


Release Date – 11 March 2023

  • DEV – Update icon library
  • DEV – Refactor namespace


Release Date – 19 February 2023

  • FIX – Remove the empty class attribute from blocks
  • FIX – Remove empty spaces when adding class attribute


Release Date – 10 February 2023

  • DEV – Add the with-color feature with the hover state
  • DEV – Refactor code, combine all separate styles into one


Release Date – 20 January 2023

  • DEV – Add hover state style builder to shadows, transform
  • DEV – Add transition feature


Release Date – 06 November 2022

  • DEV – Clean up the default value for more cleaning markup


Release Date – 27 October 2022

  • DEV – Allow custom ColorGradientControl clearable
  • FIX – Add a fallback value for the withIcon feature


Release Date – 12 October 2022

  • FIX – Only load CSS files when necessary


Release Date – 08 October 2022

  • DEV – Add the withIcon feature to the read more block
  • DEV – Refactor the icon library


Release Date – 18 September 2022

  • FIX – Compatibility issue with the Gutenberg plugin
  • DEV – Load localization


Release Date – 28 July 2022

  • FIX – Check whether having an icon or not to improve performance


Release Date – 27 July 2022

  • FIX – Edit text after wrapping it inside an element
  • DEV – Allow double click to insert icon with the withIcon feature
  • FIX – Convert inline style to style object
  • REFACTOR – Refactor the withIcon feature


Release Date – 20 Jun 2022

  • DEV – Allow uploading SVG icons for the withIcon feature


Release Date – 08 May 2022



Release Date – 08 May 2022

  • DEV – Add responsive text-alignment feature


Release Date – 02 May 2022

  • DEV – Add text-shadow feature


Release Date – 02 May 2022

  • FIX – Add a setting to prevent text from breaking when there is an inline tag in the text


Release Date – 30 April 2022

  • DEV – Use nanoid instead of useInstanceId
  • DEV – Update components’ style


Release Date – 27 April 2022

  • DEV – Add the transform feature


Release Date – 27 April 2022

  • DEV – Add settings page to select which blocks should be allowed to add features
  • FIX – Make page ‘dirty’ on page load


Release Date – 19 April 2022

  • DEV – Load styles for the iframe editor


Release Date – 16 April 2022

  • DEV – Add the ‘withShadow’ feature
  • DEV – Add shortcut keys to the icon library modal, focus on the search box when opening the modal


Release Date – 12 April 2022

  • DEV – Update icon pack


Release Date – 11 April 2022

  • DEV – Support ‘withIcon’ to core/heading block


Release Date – 09 April 2022