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Pubble Messenger Live Chat


Looks like Live Chat, works like WhatsApp
Supporting Live chat on your website is one of the most effective ways to convert more visitors to customers. With Pubble Messenger Live Chat, we focused on building a live chat embeddable widget that mirrors the messaging experience offered by the main smartphone messaging apps. Features like presence, read receipts, push notifications are leveraged to offer a familiar messaging experience to your customers.

Top Features

  1. Proactive Chats
    Setup Triggers based on user behaviour to proactively starts chats with visitors. This will increase chat volume by 2-3x and drive conversions.

  2. Notifications
    SMS, email and Push Notifications are supported in Pubble Messenger. This means that your customers can choose the notification method that works best for them.

  3. Pubblebot – AI Enhanced Live Chat
    Designed to minimize the repetitive aspects of customer care, the Pubblebot will auto-answer repetitive questions, leaving your team to focus on those queries where they can really add value. And while they’re chatting with customers, the Pubblebot will automatically suggest relevant answers, helping each agent to work more efficiently.

  4. Richer Conversations
    No need to limit your live chats to text only. With Pubble Messenger Live Chat, images, docs and other file types are all supported. Go emoji!

  5. The Pubble Dashboard
    No matter which Pubble Embeddable you use, the customer queries will end up in the Pubble Dashboard. The dashboard (available for Win, Mac, iOS, Android & Web) is designed to make responding to customers super easy.


  • Screenshot-1 is the “wp-admin” screenshot. It highlights the configuration message that you will see after you install the Pubble Messenger Live Chat plugin.
  • Screenshot-2 is the “Pubble_Dashboard” which shows you how the Pubble Dashboard looks. This is where you will chat with your customers from.
  • Screenshot-3 is the “Pubble_Admin” which shows how the Pubble admin section looks. You will need to use this section to invite colleagues, grab the App ID, configure your chat widget, etc.


There are two steps to installing the Pubble Messenger Live Chat plugin on WordPress:

a. Install the Plugin on your site from the Plugin Section on WordPress (access from your Admin section). To do this, in your WP admin panel, navigate to: Plugins > Add New > Search plugins > Pubble live chat > Install..

Once installed, you will see a message:

“You need to configure Pubble Messenger to add live chat on your website. Please configure your Pubble Messenger Live Chat.

b. Create (or/Sign In to) your Admin account and App ID on Pubble.

If you are NEW to Pubble, use Let’s Deploy. This option let’s you create your Pubble Team, Admin account and get your App ID. The last step outputs the APP ID. In the code snippet, copy the app ID (number): data-app-id=“00000”

If you already have a Pubble account, use: Sign in on Pubble. Once signed in, you need to access the Pubble Admin section. Click the “Admin” icon bottom left of the Dashboard or include “/admin” in the url ( Then click Apps > Messenger. In the Deploy Code section, copy the app ID (number): data-app-id=“00000”

So now that you have your APP ID, you can configure Pubble Messenger Live Chat on your website. To do this, in the wp-admin section, you should have a message on top “You need to configure Pubble Messenger to add live chat on your website. Please configure your Pubble Messenger Live Chat.”. Click the link and enter the App ID in the input box.


Q: Where do I respond the chats from my Website?
A: Chats will appear in your Pubble Dashboard. The Pubble Dashboard is available on Web (, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Q: Is Pubble free?
A: We offer a free account that includes 100 conversations per month with access to all of Pubble’s core features. You get full access to Pubble in all its glory. See:

Q: Is there a limit to the number of members that I can have in my Pubble team?
A: No. Your team can be as large as you need and there’s never an additional charge for adding more team members. There is no “per agent” fees.

Q: What are Conversations?
A: Conversations are between your team and your customers. Conversations can start with an inbound question or a message that you push to your customers. Internal messages (Group chat / direct messages) do not count towards your conversations total.

Q: Does Pubble integrate with SMS?
A: Yes we have SMS integration. If a user supplies a phone number we can send them a notification of an agent’s reply directly to their phone. SMS open rates are practically 100% making it an extremely attractive communication tool.

Q: What is the Pubblebot?
A: He’s our cool little mascot. Or maybe it’s a she! Pubblebot’s job is to make you awesome. The more you teach the Pubblebot, the more he will help you. The Pubblebot takes care of automating the repetitive parts of the customer support process like answering FAQs and capturing customer’s contact details.


November 2, 2017
The Pubble Messenger live chat tool is easy to setup and install on your website. All conversations are managed from the dashboard, organised into a workflow where you can assign questions to teammates, use the smart prompt to efficiently respond to users and send file/image/video/FAQ attachments. The Pubblebot will also try to answer questions before they reach you so you spend less time answering frequently ask questions.
November 2, 2017
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) functionality allows automated answers to repetitive questions saving huge amounts of time. This is also great for out-of-office support. Check it out!
November 2, 2017
“Looks like live chat, works like whatsapp” really describes Pubble Messenger Live Chat. With legacy live chat systems, you had to be online, the visitor had to be online and you both had to be available to chat for live chat to work. With Pubble Messenger Live Chat, the messaging experience is modelled on smartphone messaging apps. So a visitor can send a message when it suits them and you can reply when it suits you and Pubble takes care of all the notifications. The killer feature is the Pubblebot. The bot automatically answers repetitive questions and while you are chatting, the bot constantly suggests answers. This really helps deliver great answers efficiently to you customers. The AI in Pubble helps you to have more efficient chats with your customers.
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