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A free, fast, and easy-to-use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, created and maintained by the team behind ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

The reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced (RTA) plugin is ideal if you are switching to a new WordPress theme with different image sizes. It updates your old thumbnails to fit your new theme and the Pro version helps you clean up unused thumbnails, to ensure all your images have the perfect size.

Simplicity is the key with our plugin, it’s as easy as 3 clicks and you’re good to go 😉

– You can choose to regenerate thumbnails only for featured images;
– You can easily customize the thumbnail list by adding any number of additional thumbnail sizes to suit your needs;
– You can select the preferred image quality for the regenerated thumbnails;
– Clean, simple and user-friendly interface with a progress bar showing the percentage of regenerated images;
– Statistics at the end of the process showing the total number of thumbnails regenerated;
“Resume” feature that picks up the regeneration process exactly where you left off if your browser processing tab closes unexpectedly or you have manually paused the process;
– And fully integrated with ShortPixel Image Optimizer for thumbnails compression and enhanced functionality;

PRO Features:
You will find exciting features in the PRO version, with more to come:
WP-CLI support to regenerate thumbnails. Especially useful for websites with a very large number of images, or when wp-admin resources are limited;
Automatic removal of outdated thumbnails that are no longer used;
– You can choose to delete the metadata for missing images and thumbnails;
Remove missing images and thumbnails from the media library if they no longer exist on the disk, along with the associated metadata;
– Automatically start image optimization with ShortPixel Image Optimizer immediately after regenerating the thumbnails;
Select intervals (last day, last week, last month or all images at once) for thumbnails regeneration as well as a custom interval of your choice;

Enhance Your WordPress website with the reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced Plugin

Managing images in the WordPress environment can sometimes be complex, but the reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin simplifies this task, enhancing your website’s visual esthetics. More than just a standard WP thumbnail plugin, it offers unique features to improve the functionality and appeal of your website.

Easy Image Management for WordPress Users

One of the biggest challenges for WordPress website owners is keeping image sizes consistent. This is where our plugin comes into play, not only regenerating thumbnails but also changing the visual presentation of your website. Whether you’re updating a theme or revamping the look of your website, the reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin will help you keep your images consistent and professional.

Regenerate Thumbnails Made Easy

For anyone who has ever experienced the need to regenerate thumbnails WordPress-wide, our plugin offers an intuitive and user-friendly approach. It is designed to fit perfectly in the WordPress environment, and ensures that your images are always presented in the best possible way without you having to laboriously adjust them manually.

Optimized Thumbnails for Improved Performance

Once you’ve successfully regenerated your thumbnails with Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced, the next step is a breeze. Easily optimize these thumbnails with ShortPixel Image Optimizer to significantly boost their performance. This integration not only ensures that your images are of the highest quality but also increases the overall efficiency of your website. With ShortPixel’s powerful optimization features, you can look forward to faster load times, improved SEO, and a better user experience.

A Versatile Tool for Different Needs

Whether you run a personal blog or a large e-commerce platform with WooCommerce, the reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin is versatile enough to meet a variety of needs. It’s more than just regenerate thumbnails WooCommerce-style; it’s a comprehensive image management solution.

Optimize WordPress Thumbnails for Peak Performance

In the WordPress domain, the impact of thumbnails on website esthetics and performance cannot be overstated. Our plugin not only helps WordPress regenerate thumbnails but also optimizes these thumbnails for improved loading speed and quality, enhancing the overall user experience.

Full Control Over Your Thumbnails

The ability to force regenerate thumbnails gives you complete control over how your images are displayed. This aspect of the reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin is particularly useful for those who frequently update their content and need their images to reflect these changes immediately.

For support please contact us here making sure you mention reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced (RTA) plugin.

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  • Plugin settings page


Nothing special about the installation process, just visit “Plugins” section in your /wp-admin, search for “regenerate thumbnails advanced”, install & activate the plugin and then from Settings section you can start using it.


Can I regenerate just a few images

You have the option to select from: all, past day, past week, past month

What happens if I close the page while the regeneration process is running?

The script stops but it will resume after you open the settings page of the plugin once again.


June 26, 2024
As someone else had stated, there is nothing new about the Pro version. It’s literally just paying for all the previous features we used to get for free.
June 24, 2024
Just like every other good plugin the developers decided to make it useless by making EVERYTHING pro. Thats the best recipe for bad costumer reviews
April 4, 2024 1 reply
Fortunately I got the pro version in my Shortpixel subscription. I have not compared it with the free versrion. But pro has been working very well for me. Also, support has been friendly, quick and helpful.
April 2, 2024
It was a normal and useful plugin. Now it is completely useless. Hopefully I had a backup and kept the old version 2.4.1 that works.
April 2, 2024 2 replies
After the last update, looks like the greedy bastards took away some of most needed features and now you have to pay for it. Plenty of other plugins that do this for free. WTF is Shortpixel thinking?
March 27, 2024 2 replies
So all of the sudden they converted the plugin to premium and claim “You will find exciting features in the PRO version”.Well, there is nothing new, there are all the typical features converted to PRO version.I would really consider buy the PRO version if you added some PRO features in addition to the already free features, but convert the existing features and renaming them as “PRO” is sad.
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Release date: February 12, 2024
* New: Added a statistic at the end of the process that shows the total number of thumbnails regenerated;
* New: Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced PRO is now available with exciting new features;
* New: Thumbnail sizes are now displayed in the plugin settings;
* Tweak: Added clear wording and explanation for the “Force Regenerate Thumbnails” feature;
* Tweak: Reorganized the plugin settings, updated the wording and links of the plugin.
* Compat: Updated the integration with ShortPixel Image Optimizer;
* Fix: Compatibility with PHP 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3;
* Fix: The plugin settings look better on mobile;
* Fix: Regenerating thumbnails for WebP files now works properly;
* Fix: SHIFT+select works correctly in the plugin settings;
* Fix: All plugin strings can now be translated;
* Fix: Files that are not processed by the plugin (e.g. SVG, PDF, etc.) are skipped instead of displaying errors.


Release date: February 27, 2023
* Fix: Videos uploaded with VideoPress were removed from the Media Library when using the “Remove non-existing images” option;


Release date: December 1st 2020
* New: Pause Button;
* New: Resuming process from another page now starts paused;
* New: Added Filter for increasing number of items processed per run;
* Fix: Users optimizing more than 50K images could run into a code loop protection.


Release date: August 17th 2020
* Fix : Regenerate Period now calculates from time set in WordPress to respect timezone settting.


Release date: July 13th 2020
* Fix: PHP warning that was displayed on PHP 7.4.x.


Release date: 29th May 2020
* New system for queuing which should be more efficient;
* New – Added regenerate thumbnails button in edit-attachment screen;
* Fixed – Crash when regenerating image from edit media;
* Fixed – Queries for large amount of images should not timeout;
* Fixes for the responsiveness of the regeneration screen;
* Class loader moved to PSR-4.


Release date: 9th March 2020
* Reworked and improved the process interface
* Option in media library to regenerate just one image
* Will check for post_mime_type in posts and fix it when it’s empty.
* Cookie-based processing removed, now keeps progress as a server setting
* Internal processes optimized.
* Fixed – WordPress 5.3 image handling and scaled images
* Fixed – Metadata not being removed in some cases when “Delete Leftover Image Metadata” is checked.
* Fixed – Logger doesn’t call wp_upload_dir when not debugging


Release date: 7th June 2019
* Replace the two options Exact size for featured/non-featured images with one checkbox Only featured
* Button to stop the regeneration
* Make Keep existing be checked by default
* Change “Regenerate selected thumbnails” checklist to a settings selection
* ShortPixel Image Optimizer integration – call the ‘shortpixel-thumbnails-regenerated’ action passing only the changed sizes
* Fix: Security – Image sizes XSS exploit
* Fix: count(): Parameter must be an array


Release date: 17th April 2019
* Fix warnings related to corrupted metadata in some cases


Release date: 16th April 2019
* Plugin completely rewritten with additional features added:
* Add custom thumbnails
* Select which thumbnails to regenerate
* Regenerate thumbnails only for the featured images
* Rewrite the existing thumbnails or not depending on the selected options
* Integrate seamlessly with ShortPixel Image Optimizer
* Delete unused thumbnails from disk
* Remove metadata for missing images and thumbnails


  • please refer to the changelog.txt file inside the plugin archive for the versions before the 2.0.0 full rewrite.