Custom CSS and JavaScript


This plugin allows you to add custom site-wide CSS styles and JavaScript code to your WordPress site. Useful for overriding your theme’s styles and adding client-side functionality.


  • Code editor with syntax highlighting and AJAX saving to avoid reloading the editor at each save.
  • Save and preview your CSS and JavaScript as a draft that is only applied to logged-in users with the necessary permissions until you are ready to publish your changes to the public.
  • View and restore past revisions of your CSS and JavaScript.
  • Automatically minify your custom CSS and JavaScript code to reduce file size.
  • For the public, custom CSS and JavaScript code is served from the filesystem instead of the database for optimal performance.

Now available! Custom CSS and JavaScript Developer Edition:

  • Divide your CSS and JavaScript into multiple virtual files to keep your code organized (the code is still served as one CSS and one JS file on the front-end for efficiency).
  • Supports Sassy CSS (SCSS)!
  • Live preview for CSS!
  • Upload and download CSS and JavaScript files, individually or in ZIP files.
  • The developer logo and review/donation links are removed from the editor page in the WordPress admin.

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Alternatively, you can manually upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.

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User Access Control

In the Custom CSS and JavaScript WordPress plugin, access to plugin features is determined by user capabilities. Users with the edit_theme_options capability will enjoy full access to all the plugin’s features.

By default, the “Administrator” and “Editor” roles come equipped with the edit_theme_options capability. However, site administrators have the flexibility to customize these capabilities and assign them to other roles or individual users through plugins or custom code.

Furthermore, to provide users with enhanced control, we’ve introduced a custom capability known as wpz_custom_css_js. Users possessing both the wpz_custom_css_js and edit_posts capabilities can be granted access to the plugin’s features.

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  • Custom CSS editor


  1. Click “Plugins” > “Add New” in the WordPress admin menu.
  2. Search for “Custom CSS and JavaScript”.
  3. Click “Install Now”.
  4. Click “Activate Plugin”.


June 23, 2023
<p>EDIT: NO LONGER WORKS. I had to change my review from 5-stars to 1-star. The plugin no longer works shows an error message “security token expired”. I’ve seen several other posts in the support group for the same thing, but no fix by the plugin author. Too bad…it was great while it lasted.</p> <p>This is an awesome plugin. Not only does it save your custom CSS changes, it allows you to preview the changes without actually updating your site for the public view until you’re done with testing and are ready to make the changes “public”. Very easy to use too.</p>
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Contributors & Developers

“Custom CSS and JavaScript” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.0.16 – August 29, 2023

  • Revert changes related to the admin page slug change

2.0.15 – August 23, 2023

  • Introduce wpz_custom_css_js capability

2.0.14 – August 21, 2023

  • Fix: error on save “security token expired”
  • Compatibility with PHP 8
  • Load minified files on admin page
  • Change admin page title from h2 to h3
  • Add addons tab
  • Admin page rebrand

2.0.13 – August 17, 2023

  • Add notice about new plugin, AI Image Lab


  • Updated links, author, changed branding to AGS,
  • Updated tested up to,
  • Removed donation links,
  • Added aspengrovestudios as contributor


  • Fix: Issue with previous update if the admin JavaScript file was already in the browser cache


  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Updated licensing (GPLv3+)


  • Added search functionality to code editor
  • Added bracket matching to code editor


  • Fixed issue with backslash in CSS


  • Improved HTTPS support


  • Added revisions
  • Added drafts/previewing
  • Added minification


  • Changed file storage location to prevent deletion on plugin update. IMPORTANT: BACK UP YOUR CUSTOM CSS AND JAVASCRIPT CODE BEFORE INSTALLING THIS UPDATE.


  • Initial release